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August 2017

Zenith Bank leads a new wave of digitization in the Ghanaian banking industry

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Cashless 2017-01A new wave of digitization of financial services is afoot in Ghana, and Zenith Bank, named three consecutive times as “The Bank That Best Promotes Cashless Transactions” in Ghana, is in the vanguard of the trend. On one count, the search for greater convenience, scale and lower cost in providing financial services to traditional clientele is spurring digitization. A second driving factor is recognition by regulators and players that new, dynamic channels are required to bring formal financial services to the doorsteps of the many in the population who are excluded or underserved. Thus banks, non-bank financial institutions, mobile network operators, and third-party entities are leveraging mobile phones, the internet and points-of-sale devices to offer faster and more convenient basic financial services to customers while facilitating financial inclusion. Read More