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September 2019

Zenith Bank listed amongst top 3 most credible Banks in Ghana

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Zenith Bank Ghana has emerged the second most credible bank in Ghana, according to Credmap Technology Ghana Banking Credibility Index. The inaugural “credibility-rating” engine is capable of combining crowd-rating and data mining to generate “credibility scores” of individuals and institutions using pooled data about their track record, history, commentary, biography, popular sentiment and reputation.

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Ghana is sub-Saharan Africa’s land of banking opportunity

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Thanks to impressive GDP growth and a successful recapitalisation drive by the central bank, Ghana is now poised for a banking revolution

Author: Henry Oroh, Managing Director/CEO, Zenith Bank (Ghana)

Financial inclusion through the use of digital banking products is a major part of Zenith Bank’s growth strategy. It was one of the first banks in Ghana to launch an app-based mobile banking service 

At Zenith Bank, our outlook for the Ghanaian economy is largely optimistic. According to IMF’s latest growth projections, the country is expected to become the fastest-growing economy in sub-Saharan Africa in 2019, with a GDP growth rate of 8.8 percent. In light of this positive view, the government’s 2019 budget aims to reach an inflation rate of eight percent by the end of the fiscal year. This looks feasible, even though inflation currently stands at 9.5 percent, according to a Bank of Ghana Monetary Policy Committee press release from May 2019.

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