Zenith Bank (Ghana) Limited Appoints New Board Chairperson

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Zenith Bank (Ghana) Limited is pleased to announce the appointment of Mrs. Freda Yahan Duplan as the new Chairperson of its Board of Directors with effect from January 1, 2020 following the approval of her appointment to the Board by the Bank of Ghana.

Mrs. Duplan, takes over from Dr. (Mrs.) Mary Chinery-Hesse, the current Chancellor of the University of Ghana, a retired diplomat and International Civil Servant with a career spanning decades, who was the pioneer Board Chairperson of the Bank from inception in 2005 – 2019.

Mrs. Duplan, comes to this new role with a wealth of global corporate experience. Until her retirement, she was the Managing Director of Nestlé Paskistan Limited. She previously was Managing Director for Nestlé Ghana and also briefly held the position of Head of Nestlé Business Services in Manila, Philippines.

Mrs. Duplan is a trained Computer Scientist with almost three decades of working experience with the Nestlé Group having risen through the ranks to become the first African Female Market Head in the Nestlé Group and the First Ghanaian Managing Director of Nestlé Ghana Limited. She has rich skills set in Strategic planning & Management, Change Management, People Development & Management, Sales & Customer Management along with High Level Negotiations. She also successfully led Nestlé Ghana Limited to become the first in the Central and West Africa Region (CWAR), to go live with SAP.

Commenting on the appointment, Mr. Akindele Ogunranti, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Zenith Bank Ghana said, “We are truly excited with the appointment of our new Board Chairperson who will lead the Bank into its next phase. Mrs. Duplan has an enviable and proven track record in the pursuit of business excellence and market dominance. She identifies with our commitment to corporate governance, the values on which the Bank was founded and the strategic direction in which the Bank is headed. We look forward to her bringing on board, her experience to achieve the vision of the Bank.”

The MD/CEO added, “We are grateful for the selfless commitment and dedication of our former and pioneer Board Chair, Dr. Mary Chinery-Hesse, under whose astute leadership the Bank has grown to be one of the largest and most respected Banks in Ghana.”

On her part, Mrs. Duplan remarked that she is pleased to be appointed to serve as Chairperson on the Board of Directors for Zenith Bank Ghana. “This presents a great opportunity for me to partner with the other members of the Board, Management and Staff of the Bank to spearhead initiatives, policies and strategies that are guaranteed to move the Bank to its next phase and position it as a market leader in the Ghanaian banking industry. Zenith Bank is poised for greatness,” she said.

Zenith Bank: A brand built on excellence

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The disruptive power of technology has rendered most routine banking services just a decade ago, almost archaic. Indeed, the statement that the future of banking is digital is no longer a prediction but a reality.

Banks like Zenith Bank which envisaged this and made the run for technology have always stood out and provided customers with superior service delivery. As a financial institution, Zenith relies on its significant investment in technology solutions to satisfy the dynamic needs of their customers.

Zenith Bank Ghana, which turns 15 years in September 2020, has put in place a number of solutions as it continues to pursue its vision of being “a reference point in the provision of prompt, flawless and innovative banking products and services in the Ghanaian Banking industry”.

Although the bank’s drive to deploy technology in the delivery of banking solutions started as far as when it was founded, its recent ‘Go Lite with Zenith Bank’ campaign is what highlights the offering it has painstakingly curated to meet customers’ satisfaction.

‘Go Lite with Zenith Bank’ presents a wide array of innovative digital banking products and services, developed over the years, to make banking transactions easier, safer, faster and smarter anytime, anywhere for customers and non-customers of the Bank.

Some of the products and services highlighted under the “Go Lite with Zenith Bank” campaign include the Bank’s mobile banking application, Z-Mobile (available on Android and iOS), which was the first of its kind by a Ghanaian bank, Point of Sale Terminals, GlobalPAY, Scan to Pay as well as its USSD Code *966#, amongst others.

The bank also has a long-standing partnership with Mobile Network Operators (MNO’s) to offer customers a seamless mobile money Bank2wallet experience across its various electronic channels such as Internet Banking, Zmobile App and GlobalPay web acquiring.

The fact that the bank was amongst the first in the Ghanaian banking industry to launch an app-based mobile banking service (Z-Mobile) available for both Apple and Android devices further attests to what the bank’s strong outlook is.

Financial inclusion as a strategy

In many ways, Zenith has contributed immensely to the Ghanaian banking landscape. It has ridden on the back of functional technology to deliver superior products that are easily accessible to its cherished customers.

Zenith’s wide array of digital services enables access to financial services even in the remotest of areas thereby enhancing Ghana’s inclusive growth agenda.

By participating in the financial system, individuals are able to invest in their children’s education, start a business, save and better absorb financial shocks.

Financial inclusion through the use of digital banking products and services continues to form a major part of Zenith Bank’s strategy year-on-year.


The bank’s performance over the past decade and four years is filled with numerous industry awards. The bank’s recognition ranges from its excellence in customer service to superior technology solutions as well as responsible corporate citizen role.

Last year alone, the bank was a recipient of awards from different awarding bodies including  Ghana Information Technology and Telecoms awards, Ghana Business Awards, Global Business Outlook awards. Global Finance Magazine, World Finance Magazine, etc.

While it seems the bank’s investment into people, technology and customer service is paying off, the bank remains even more committed to going the extra mile to maintain the smile on the face of its customers.

Mr. Akindele Ogunranti, MD/CEO of the Bank, who was appointed last year is passionate about customer service and digital banking. He understands that the best form of service in the banking industry is when customers can conveniently carry out their financial transactions anytime, anywhere (in real-time).

Mr. Ogunranti’s strategic direction therefore is to create a seamless synergy between customer service and the Bank’s digital banking offerings by ensuring that banking works when and where a customer needs it. He is confident that the Bank’s electronic products and services, built on robust systems, will continue to provide maximum value for its customers.

With the aforementioned, there is no doubt that Zenith Bank (Ghana) Limited, a reputable financial institution with a track record for good governance, strong financial performance, excellent customer service delivery and innovative product and service offerings is the bank to beat this year.

Zenith Bank Ghana Celebrates 14th Anniversary

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Zenith Bank Ghana took opportunity of its 14th anniversary to entrench the leading role it has been playing in the banking landscape with carefully curated activities aimed at adding value to society as well to the Bank.

As one of the most decorated Banks by way of industry awards as well as a very strong financial performance, the Bank embarked on a number of activities to positively impact the key stakeholders that have contributed to its growth over the years.

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Zenith Bank listed amongst top 3 most credible Banks in Ghana

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Zenith Bank Ghana has emerged the second most credible bank in Ghana, according to Credmap Technology Ghana Banking Credibility Index. The inaugural “credibility-rating” engine is capable of combining crowd-rating and data mining to generate “credibility scores” of individuals and institutions using pooled data about their track record, history, commentary, biography, popular sentiment and reputation.

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Ghana is sub-Saharan Africa’s land of banking opportunity

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Thanks to impressive GDP growth and a successful recapitalisation drive by the central bank, Ghana is now poised for a banking revolution

Author: Henry Oroh, Managing Director/CEO, Zenith Bank (Ghana)

Financial inclusion through the use of digital banking products is a major part of Zenith Bank’s growth strategy. It was one of the first banks in Ghana to launch an app-based mobile banking service 

At Zenith Bank, our outlook for the Ghanaian economy is largely optimistic. According to IMF’s latest growth projections, the country is expected to become the fastest-growing economy in sub-Saharan Africa in 2019, with a GDP growth rate of 8.8 percent. In light of this positive view, the government’s 2019 budget aims to reach an inflation rate of eight percent by the end of the fiscal year. This looks feasible, even though inflation currently stands at 9.5 percent, according to a Bank of Ghana Monetary Policy Committee press release from May 2019.

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Staff of Zenith Bank have raised funds totalling Thirty Four Thousand Ghana Cedis (GHS34,000.00) to support two year old  Mabel Adjoa Koomson, who has been diagnosed with Atrioventricular Septal Defect.

The defect causes holes between the chambers of the right and left sides of the heart and poor formation of the valves that control the flow of blood between the chambers.

Doctors recommended a surgical operation in India to save Mabel’s life.  Her parents however were unable to raise the total cost of funds needed for the operation.

Staff of the Bank, on hearing Mabel’s plight, rallied together and raised funds to enable Mabel undergo the surgery.

Chidinma Braye-Yankee, Head of Corporate Affairs and Service Delivery at Zenith Bank expressed appreciation to Management and staff of the Bank for their generousity and swift responsiveness to save the life of Mabel. She added that their gesture was a true reflection of Management and staff’s commitment to their corporate social responsibility of giving back to the society in which the Bank operates.   

Accepting the funds at a short ceremony at the Bank’s Graphic Road branch, Mabel’s mother, Madam Rebecca Mills, said she was surprised when she received a call informing her of the gesture undertaken by the Bank’s staff. “For two years I have been moving from place to place in search of financial assistance. I managed to raise some funds but faced great difficulty in raising the total sum required for the surgery. One day I came to the Graphic Road branch of Zenith Bank with my daughter Mabel to effect a transaction and the staff immediately noticed something was wrong and enquired about it.  I told them about her condition and within a short period, God through the entire staff of Zenith Bank answered my prayers.”  

Madam Mills expressed her immense gratitude to management and staff for their act of kindness.

Zenith Bank’s unparalleled banking excellence

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Ghana’s banking industry is a fiercely competitive one. Banks continuously try to out-do one another in the delivery of bespoke services built on technology. Zenith Bank, despite being an integral member of the industry, appears to lead the pack by a mile and there are reasons to prove this.

The award-winning Bank continues to blaze the trail; receiving more recognitions for its mastery of the art of banking.

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