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Corporate Current Accounts

Below are the various accounts we offer corporate institutions.

Local Currency Account (GHS)

A non-interest bearing account which gives a company access to its money on demand.


  • Access to corporate internet banking.
  • Enhances easy payments for goods and services.
  • Credit facilities.

Foreign Exchange Account (USD, GBP, EUR)

We offer our customers foreign exchange current accounts to facilitate smooth business transactions in the major trading currencies.


  • Allows customers the flexibility to transact business in foreign currency.
  • Eliminates the need to carry large amount of cash.
  • A secure depository for foreign currency.
  • Cheque book issuance for easier payments.
  • Enhances easy payments for purchases of goods and services.
  • Allows Funding from different sources – transfers (onshore, offshore) cash or cheques.
  • Available in USD, EURO, GBP.
  • Electronic banking Services such as z-prompt and internet banking are available on this account.

* Terms & conditions apply.


Foreign Currency Account (USD, GBP, EUR)

Foreign currency accounts are available to clients who regularly receive remittances from offshore sources. Funding of this account is restricted to offshore remittances and offshore cheques.


  • Allows customers the flexibility to transact business in foreign currency.
  • A secure depository for foreign currency.
  • Cheque book issuance for easier payments.
  • Enhances easy payments for purchases of goods and services.
  • Available in USD, EURO, GBP.
  • Funds can be withdrawn or transferred offshore without restrictions.

Special Accounts

Below are types of special accounts we offer.

Church Premium Accounts

A customized financial package for churches which provides them with active cash management, cash handling, funds management and personalized financial services.


  • Free cash pickups on Sundays.
  • Access to loans at concessionary rates.
  • Cash management services.
  • Investment advisory service with account sweep facilities.

Zenith Society Account (Z-SOCIETY)

An investment account designed for clubs, societies, associations and social organizations to offer funds management services at very attractive interest rates.


  • Investment account with sweep services and attractive interest rates. Investments include:
    -One and two-way sweep Call accounts.
    -Fixed deposits.
    -Zenith Investment Plan Account (ZIPA).
  • Free internet banking.
  • Recon tool for reconciliation of pledges, donations and standing orders.
  • Issuance of free Visa Prepaid and Debit Cards at a discount to members.
  • Visa Credit Cards to be issued to recommended members.
  • Zenith Bank will donate 1% of annual average deposits on Current/Call accounts only towards identified projects in the society.
  • Access to a dedicated Relationship Manager.
  • Business advisory services including investment portfolio management options.


  • Must be a recognized body registered by the Register General’s department.
  • Two passport-size pictures of signatories.
  • Proof of identification such as passport/voter’s identification card/driver’s license.
  • Constitution of the society if not registered.



Treasury (Investment) products

Below are the various investment products we have for our customers:

Call Accounts

This is an investment for an indefinite period, which may be withdrawn on demand.


  • Competitive interest rates.
  • Daily interest accrual.
  • Guaranteed liquidity of investment.
  • Very flexible and accessible money market product.
  • Tiered interest rates according to deposit amounts and call tenor.
  • Call/Current account sweep facility.

Fixed Deposits

An investment vehicle where funds or deposits are locked in for a specific fixed period at a fixed interest rate.


  • Interest is paid upon maturity of the investment.
  • Competitive interest rates.
  • Tenors of 30 days, 91 days, 182 days, 1 year and 2 years are available.
  • Funds may be rolled over upon request.

Treasury Bill Investment Services

Treasury bills (T-bills) are government backed securities issued by Bank of Ghana usually with maturity periods of 91 days, 182 days or a year. T-bills for longer periods (1 year Treasury note, the 2 year Treasury bond and the 3 year Treasury bond) are also available. Treasury bills are made available at all the branches of Zenith Bank.


  • Roll over only the principal amount and receive accrued interest.
  • Roll over both the principal and the accrued interest.
  • Can be rediscounted at the bank.

Zenith Bank provides timely updates and investment advice to enable you to effectively manage your portfolio.

Zenith Investment Savings Account (ZISA)

ZISA is an investment instrument designed to help build up adequate financial resources for the purchase of motor vehicles, landed properties or to start up private business.


  • This is a product for corporate bodies such as schools, non-bank financial institutions (NBFIs), churches, brokerage houses, fund managers and investment clubs.
  • This is ideal for Managed funds, Provident funds, Endowment funds and Welfare funds.
  • Investment instrument to build up adequate financial resources for future uses.
  • Investment Advisory services would be provided.
  • Minimum initial deposit is GHS500.00, minimum monthly deposit of GHS100.00.
  • Regular periodic deposits to this accounts (a standing order).
  • Any amount can be deposited periodically (per set date) after establishment of account.
  • A yield higher than the ordinary savings and call accounts (a benchmark rate plus a margin could be used on certain levels of deposit).
  • Withdrawals are allowed after every 12 months (otherwise a penalty is charged).