Zenith Bank POS allows the Bank to process card transactions electronically for customers at their premises. The POS allows for verifying transaction either by biometric or PIN/signature-verified means.

Prominent elements of the Zenith Visa POS include:

  • Multi-channel Communication Functionality (Chip, Ethernet, etc).
  • Very fast memory.
  • Euro Master Visa (EMV) Card compliant.
  • Real- time settlement.
  • 24/7/365 availability with uninterrupted back- up power source.
  • VISA enabled (thereby allowing for transaction on VISA worldwide).
  • Zenith proprietary enabled.
  • Ability to perform card not present transactions.

To qualify to be a Zenith Visa POS merchant, one needs to:

  • Have an account with Zenith Bank.
  • Complete user application form.
  • Pass the Bank’s assessment criteria.

Merchants of Zenith Visa POS enjoy:

  • Reduction in cost of handling cash.
  • Reduction of the risks associated with handling cash.
  • Opening business for longer hours.
  • Receiving value within 24 hours after transactions.
  • Increased potentiality for spontaneous purchases by cardholders.
  • Fast and easy payment processing for goods sold or services rendered.