Our customers constitute the essence of our banking business. That is why at Zenith we continuously surpass your expectation and thrill you with excellent customer service at the same time ensuring that your privacy remains intact.

Accordingly, we understand that in course of delivering our numerous banking service products to you via the net, we will come across information pertaining to your self which are purely personal and may even be classified. You may be required to divulge such information in order for us to provide our service to you.

We assure you that any of your personal information that comes to our knowledge will be treated with utmost secrecy and confidentiality and shall not be made known to a third party without your express authorization unless otherwise required by law.

We further assure you that your personal information in our records via the net shall only come to the knowledge of our authorized employees who have the requisite training for purposes of adequate handling of personal customer information. You attention is further drawn to our e-banking terms and conditions as contained on the website.