Zenith Bank Ghana provides comprehensive trade services to major global corporations operating in Ghana as well as the medium scale enterprises. With a direct presence in three major countries in Africa, and operating an account with Citigroup which operates in over 150 countries across the world, Zenith Bank Ghana’s global reach and local market knowledge provide powerful leverage for our importing and exporting customers. Solutions are customized to our customers needs, integrating Letters of Credit and other trade finance alternatives or products for a truly end-to-end.

Import / Export bills for Collection

Sight bills

  1. Import Declaration Form
  2. Customs Declaration Form or Bill of Entry
  3. Inspection Certificate or such other certificate as may be required

(A,B,C to be submitted after goods are cleared from the port)

  • Acceptance Bills
  • Customs Declaration Form or Bill of Entry
  • Import Declaration Form
  • Inspection Certificate or such other certificate as may be required.

Open account

  • Seller’s Final Invoice
  • Customs Declaration Form or Bill of Entry
  • Import Declaration Form
  • Inspection Certificate or such other certificate as may be required.
  • Transport Document (Bill of Lading, Airwaybill etc)

Q. How do I sign-up for Internet banking?

A. If you are already a customer with Zenith Bank Ghana, here are the things you
need to do:

Q. I’m already signed up for Internet banking. How do I sign-on?

A. As long as you have Internet connection, simply open your browser and log on to Zenith Bank Ghana website and click on the Internet Banking menu button or link. Enter your customer access code, username and password at the prompt.

Advance payment

Advance payment (for amounts not exceeding $25,000.00)

  • Import Declaration Form
  • Proforma Invoice

Direct Transfers / Invisible Transactions

Transfer of Net Ticket Sales by Airlines/Other Transportation Systems.

  • Manifest
  • Auditors Certification of sales and related expenses.
  • Tax Clearance Certificate

*Applicant should have enough balance in the bank account to cover the transfer request of the period. (No overdrafts)

Foreign Earnings due Foreign Shipping Lines/Other Freighters

  • Invoice or Bill (claim by carrier)

*Applicant should have adequate balance in account to cover transfer.

Repatriation of Expatriate Personnel’s Emoluments.

  • Resident and Work Permit
  • Appointment or Contract Letter
  • Income Tax Clearance Certificate (current)

Principal and interest on Foreign Credits

  • Copy of Loan Agreement
  • Evidence of inflow of funds or delivery of loan funded equipment/item into Ghana.
  • Repayment Schedule/Demand Note

Contracts and Consultancy Fees

  • Copy of Contract Agreement (refer to Terms of Payment)
  • Payment Certificate (for job executed under construction contracts).
  • Demand Note/ or Evidence of Payment by service user.

Court Judgement Award

  • Court Judgement Award

*The judgement will be verified from the court.

Insurance and Re-insurance Premiums

  • National Insurance Commission’s Approval
  • Invoice or Demand Note

Equity Investment – Initial Capital Outlay and Income

(Dividends, Profit etc)

  • Evidence of capital inflow into Ghana and conversion into Cedis.
  • Signed Audited Accounts.
  • Resolution Declaring Payment of Dividends to Shareholders.
  • Tax Clearance Certificate/Withholding Tax Deduction.

Principal and Earning on Capital and Money Market Instruments (Bonds – 3 years and above)

  • Evidence of inflow for the purchase of instrument.
  • Evidence of purchase.
  • Evidence of interest payment.
  • Tax Clearance Certificate/Withholding Tax Deduction.

Technology Transfer & Management Agreement Entitlements.

  • Evidence of Certification or approval under LI 1547 or any authorizing body.
  • Copy of Technology Transfer or Management Agreement (Refer to Terms of Payment).
  • Tax Clearance Certificate/Withholding Tax Deduction.

Repatriation of Proceeds from Share Transfer

  • Copy of Share Transfer Deed.
  • Evidence of Settlement by Transferee.
  • Tax Clearance Certificate.

Purchase of Capital & Monetary Instruments Abroad

  • Copy of Prospectus/or Sale –Purchase Agreement.
  • Transfer to brokerage firm or issuing institution.

Transfer of Proceeds from Sale of Landed Property (by non- Ghanaians)

  • Evidence of Title
  • Copy of Transfer of Title Deed
  • Evidence of Settlement
  • Tax Clearance Certificate

Purchase of Property Abroad

  • Offer letter
  • Sale/Purchase Agreement
  • Title Deed
  • Valuation Report
  • Demand Note from lawyers/estate agent


  • Mortgage Agreement in the name of the applicant showing the individual percentage and amount to be contributed.
  • Bank’s assessment certificate in granting the mortgage facility.
  • Letter from the bank confirming that applicant has taken mortgage, stating amount, tenor, etc.

Remittance of Proceeds from Trade Fair Participation by Non-Residents.

  • Certificate of participation issued by Ghana Trade Fair Authority.
  • Evidence of Sales and Payments.

Other Payments (Subscription, Educational, Medical, etc.)

  • Invoice or Bill or Debit Note

Payment for lease of aircraft

  • Lease agreement with payment details.
  • Evidence of Sales and Payments.
  • Debit Note/ Invoice

Documentary Letters of credit import Letters of Credit.

  • Pro-forma Invoice
  • Import Declaration Form
  • Letter of credit application form

Import and export Letters of Credit available by:

  • Payment
  • Acceptance
  • Deferred payments
  • Negotiation
  • Mixed payment