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Customer confidence Boosts Zenith Bank’s 2023 Performance …as assets hit GH¢13bn, profit past GH¢1bn

Customer confidence Boosts Zenith Bank’s 2023 Performance …as assets hit GH¢13bn, profit past GH¢1bn

Zenith Bank Ghana capped off a stellar year in 2023, with total assets surging by nearly 44 percent to reach GH¢13.86 billion, as profit before tax moved to GHc1.02 billion. This represented a 284.35 percent reversal from the GH¢554.6 million loss recorded in 2022 as a result of the Domestic Debt Exchange Programme (DDEP).

A driving force behind the performance was high customer confidence in the Bank as deposits grew by GH¢3.32 billion, to reach GHc11.7 billion for the period. Similarly, the Bank expanded its loan book to GH¢2.25 billion, GH¢390.7 million higher than in the previous year.

“We are glad to see the trust our customers have placed in the bank's stability and financial strength. This deposit mobilisation strengthened our liquidity position, allowing us to continue providing essential financial services to our clientele,” Henry C. Onwuzurigbo, Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer (MD/CEO) of Zenith Bank Ghana said.

“Again, the upswing in lending activity is a positive indicator for Ghana’s economy. It indicates growing confidence in businesses and a potential increase in economic productivity,” he added.

Consequently, interest income – a vital indicator of a bank's lending and investment activities – surged by GH¢317 million to GH¢1.38 billion, highlighting the success of its strategies in loan origination and managing investment portfolios.  Additionally, fee and commission income grew by GH¢49 million.

But the real highlight of the year was the exceptional performance in trading. Net trading income more than doubled, from GH¢156.7 million to GH¢332.6 million, potentially fueled by favourable market conditions or strategic trading decisions by the Bank.

The Bank had to steer through some challenges which impacted its net profit in 2023, such as the GH¢109 million impairment loss on financial assets, which impacted the bottom line. This, however, was a tenth of the GH¢1.19 billion recognised in 2022.

Operating income appreciated by GH¢546 million to GH¢1.6 billion highlighting the underlying strength of the bank's core business activities in generating healthy and consistent revenue. The bank's shareholders' funds also improved significantly by 68% from GH¢982m post-DDEP to GH¢1.66 billion due to its exceptional performance in 2023.

Market watchers believe that by tackling the impairment losses and implementing cost optimisation strategies, growing it risk assets as well as investment portfolio, Zenith Bank Ghana is well-positioned to translate its impressive revenue growth into long-term financial success especially as the bank's focus on customer satisfaction and strategic revenue generation sets a strong foundation for a prosperous future.

The Bank’s 2023 performance positions it for continued success in the years to come.

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